Eggnog with Real Eggs from Big Mill B&B

Is it safe to drink eggnog made with raw eggs? Eggnog used to be part of every holiday party. Then we heard all the bad stories about raw eggs so we didn’t use raw eggs anymore. And eggnog just wasn’t the same. Well, cheer up and worry no more! We now have a recipe that uses fresh eggs – it is great tasting and safe to drink.

Recipe Provided by:

Big Mill Bed & Breakfast





5 quarts (20-25 servings)

Prep Time:

30-45 minutes

Passive Time:

2 weeks


•  1 quart heavy cream
•  1 quart light cream
•  1 dozen eggs
•  1 pint bourbon
•  1 quart rum
•  3 cups sugar or to taste (rum & bourbon can bite)
•  Fresh grated nutmeg to taste


  1. Using a very large metal or glass bowl, beat the heavy whipping cream with a hand mixer or a stand mixer until it forms peaks, 3-4 minutes. This will go faster if you chill the bowl and the mixer blades. The bowl must be twice as large as the amount of cream. Be careful not to over-beat or you will have made butter. Set beaten cream aside.

  2. Beat eggs with egg beater and so very slowly add the bourbon and rum, stirring the entire time to avoid “precipitation of egg proteins.”

  3. In a LARGE bowl (at least 5 quarts) stir together the beaten heavy cream and the egg-liquor mixture stirring with a whisk. Whisk in the light cream slowly, stirring the entire time. Whisk or stir in sugar. Grate fresh nutmeg on top and stir in. I used not quite a teaspoon.

  4. Store in the refrigerator for the first night with the lid slightly ajar. After that you can put the lid on the jar. Wait 2-3 weeks before serving.

  5. Grate fresh nutmeg on top of each glass of nog before serving. Bon appetite.

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