How to organize a travel itinerary?

If you have in mind to travel and you don’t know where to start; This post is the one for you to discover how to organize a travel itinerary? with all the key information for you to create a route that allows you to know all its points of interest, depending on the time you have available and adapted to your tastes and needs; Do not miss it.

How to create your own travel itinerary?

There are different plans and tours that you can follow, but despite this you can put together your own itinerary to travel on your own; regardless of whether in each place you join other recommended plans.

Undoubtedly one of the most satisfying activities is to organize the route that you are going to follow during the time of permanence in any place in the world; Therefore, we offer you a step-by-step guide to the tasks you must perform so that you do not leave any detail to chance and manage your time efficiently; take note of the following:

Set the travel date

Defining the date on which you will make the trip will be the starting point of your itinerary; taking into consideration the time of the year in which you will do it, the number of days of permanence and the budget that you have available for each one of them.

In turn, take into consideration the objective of your trip, whether it is a walk to the beach, that you are interested in attending a certain event or that you have the freedom to discover all the attractions of the place, through scheduled visits.

Essential places to visit

At this point you should make a list of the places you would like to visit, whether they are natural environments, hiking trails, tours of monuments or museums; participate in attractions and more.

Decide where you will arrive and from where you will return

It is important that you establish what your destination point will be; considering that you can get to it from an airport or transport station and that later it will be essential that you move to a hotel that will serve as a base of operations to leave from there to the points of your itinerary; in the same way then return to your place of origin.

Build your destination list

Remember to keep in mind when doing it the available days; the time needed to enjoy each place, including the hours of transportation required to get there.

Take advantage of the proximity of some of your points of interest, to put together a tour through each one of them the same day if possible; this way you save time.

For example, if you like to visit a cathedral because it has an impressive architectural appeal, schedule nearby squares, streets with dreamy corners or museums full of history that are nearby.

If it is a park, add to your list all those areas to which you can go, such as trails, waterfalls, viewpoints and other monuments that you should not miss; making his tour during the same visit. This is connecting your destinations, to make the most of them once you are in them.

Research destinations before arriving at them

It does not hurt to look at reviews left by other travelers that can help you find out exclusive details of the places you want to visit before heading to them; so your list will contain only what interests you.

Assign each visit the number of days necessary to fully enjoy it and try not to stray from your itinerary or you will lose the opportunity to discover everything you have planned.


Keep in mind that traveling is the greatest pleasure you can give yourself in life, the idea is that you enjoy it and do not try, for example, to see all of Europe in a month or discover all the charm of a city in just one day; take it easy, organize your itinerary so that you really take advantage of it, you will always have another opportunity to return and complete the activities that have been missed.

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