Choose an Edenton, North Carolina bed and breakfast when you visit the town that claimsto be the “South’s Prettiest Small Town”.Centuries-old magnolia, cypress, and crape myrtle trees line its avenues.

Many of its historical homes have been beautifully preserved, and some are member bed and breakfast inns, inspected by NCBBI. Imagine staying in a restored original colonial home as analternative to hotel accommodations!

After Edenton, NCwas selected as the colonial capital, it soon became the cultural and economic capital as well. The result was a thriving plantation economy that brought life to northeastern North Carolina. Today, visitors can revisit Edenton’s colonial past with tours through a beautiful historic district comprised of over 25 homes and public buildings. The surrounding countryside boasts many plantations that once provided the economic backbone of the area.

For recreation, Edenton has shopping, biking, kayaking, fishing, and sailing. The natural surroundings offer cypress groves, broad rivers, swamps, and thousands of migratory birds.

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