Posted on April 23, 2018

Skyrocket Your Relationship with Irresistibly Passionate Romance


Skyrocket your relationship with irresistibly passionate romance.  Whether you recently became a couple, you are in your first years of marriage, or were married more than thirty years ago, every couple deserves bliss.  The passage of time should only enhance your relationship.  Yet, everything worthwhile takes effort.

Here are five key ways to keeping the romance alive and well.  This is based on the bestselling book, The Five Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman.

  • Give genuine compliments that let your partner know what specifically you appreciate about them (affirming words)
  • Cherish one-on-one moments together (quality time) doing things you both like to do (or taking turns)
  • Show affection to each other (physical touch) throughout your time together (like hand holding and hugging)
  • Do tasks for them (acts of service) that you know they’ll appreciate (think about what they have been meaning to get done)
  • Give thoughtful presents (tangible gifts) that may not cost a lot, but show you put time into thinking about what means so much to your partner

Did you know that staying at one of our North Carolina Bed and Breakfast Inns is a great way to keep your romance alive and well?

  • Letting your partner know you booked a room is an expression of gratitude for your relationship
  • Spending private time together can grow your relationship even stronger
  • Showing affection is easier when you are away from the demands of every day life
  • Making the arrangements for the romantic getaway is serving your mate
  • Opting for a thoughtful romance package is an expression of your love

North Carolina has it all. From our majestic mountains to our popular piedmont to our amazing coast, our North Carolina Bed and Breakfast Inns are located throughout the state. Guests staying with NCBBI members can rest assured that our inspected inns exceed expectations and deliver delightful experiences to our guests.