Posted on April 1, 2016

Vacation Big in North Carolina

Vacation big in North Carolina.  Visit NC put together this YouTube video that lists a variety of fun and unique things to do only in North Carolina.

“So, what’s next?” asks a man standing next to a woman on the top of an incredibly scenic mountain in North Carolina.  The woman unravels a scroll that seems to extend for miles.  It starts its way down the mountain and past a gorgeous waterfall.


Viewers can see the following activities on the list:


The scroll gently rolls down the green grass of a North Carolina vineyard.  They show a man sanding something inside his workshop looking out the window at children chasing a barking dog.  Then a fisherman walks past one of North Carolina’s beautiful lighthouses on a dock holding a fish he caught.  The scroll rolls all the way down to the beach sand and stops near the water.

People can read these ideas on the scroll:


The announcer begins to say, “With so many unique experiences and unforgettable places to visit…”

The woman at the beginning of the video asks him, “You’re ready?”

The man responds, “We better get started.”

The announcer finishes her statement, “…you can’t help but vacation big in North Carolina.”

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