Posted on April 18, 2016

Discover North Carolina’s Diverse Music Scene

Discover North Carolina’s diverse music scene.  From the mountains to the piedmont to the coastal region, there is all kinds of music here in North Carolina.  The following behind-the-scenes YouTube video was produced by Visit NC.

“I think music in North Carolina is really hittin’ it right now.  We’re at a hot spot across the state.  I think the music scene in North Carolina is tough to beat.  Here’s a place that’s truly about the music.  It is like an oasis.  The enthusiasm and the support for musicians is pretty amazing.  Between the festivals that are going on, the club scenes, there’s not enough days in the week to do what is offered here.  I think more than anything we like variety.  The music scene in North Carolina is so eclectic.  We feel it’s very important to have a catalog of music coming through here.  Obviously there’s a rich history of bluegrass music in the state.  Classic blues to Zydeco.  There may be a country act one night and a bluegrass act another night.  Hip hop or reggae, we have singer-songwriters, crazy electronic dance shows–it runs the gamut.  It’s super important that we have music for  everybody.  There’s a real love of music and the heritage of music in our lives here.  Our role in the music community has been really to give as many people as we can a chance to play.  Just a real community center here and there’s a feel that I don’t think you can replicate.  North Carolina is a great place to be in general.  I just think we’ve got a good vibe.  I think the music scene is growing and it’s going to continue to grow and that’s a glorious thing.”


The video showed interviews of the following people:

Liz Caugh from Backstreet Pub in Beaufort

Nick Karres from Double Door Inn in Charlotte

Sandy Williams from The Rusty Nail in Wilimington

Jackson Wine from 185 King Street in Brevard

Jeff Santiago from The Orange Peel in Asheville

Glen Boothe from Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro

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