Posted on March 19, 2016

Nothing Compares to North Carolina

Nothing compares to North Carolina.  The above video shows why that statement is true.

“Fly through beauty.”

    • Gorgeous aerial view of the North Carolina mountains
    • Beautiful picture of one of North Carolina’s famous lighthouses
    • Hang glide over the water
    • Fly a big kite


“Tower above beauty.”

    • Walk or drive down a tall bridge
    • View our grand city scapes
    • Climb Chimney Rock
    • Zipline through the trees
    • See the coastal waves splash the shore


“Race alongside beauty.”

      • View the wild horses run across the sand
      • Go parasailing
      • Kayaking down a rushing waterfall
      • White water rafting
      • Charlotte Motor Speedway



“Play among beauty.”

    • Putt our golf course greens
    • Rappel down waterfalls
    • Splash through the ocean as you run along beach sand
    • Watch theatrical plays
    • Fish in the lake at the Biltmore Estate
    • Get up close to an elephant at the North Carolina Zoo


“Savor beauty.”

      • Sip wine grown from our vineyards
      • Listen to beautiful music from our professional musicians
      • Taste a cold homemade brew from our draft houses
      • Tour one of history’s military forts
      • Get an aerial view of our beaches
      • Ride in a boat and fish in the sea



“Dive into beauty.”

    • Go underwater scuba diving with beautiful fish


“Beauty amplified.”

Nothing compares to North Carolina. When you stay at our incredible North Carolina Bed and Breakfast Inns, you will make memories that last.  No matter where you travel in North Carolina, our state has beauty all around it.  With so many things to see and do, take your next vacation in North Carolina.

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