Posted on February 27, 2014

Asheville: One of the Best Beer Towns in America

It’s official – CNN has named Asheville, NC one of the 8 best beer towns in America!

Here’s the scoop straight from the CNN website:

“A day trip to Asheville offers a chance to try roughly 50 local beers, almost all of which can be tasted at The Thirsty Monk, a must-see on any Ashevillian beer pilgrimage. 

But it’s less the number of breweries or bars here than it is the culture that earns Asheville its cred. There is serious pride in the local craft, and its small-town appeal means all you have to do is roll over and you’ll find yourself in one of the city’s renowned breweries, like Wedge, Green Man and Wicked Weed.

The city also pumps beer into mustards, shampoos, ice creams, cakes, dog biscuits, and soaps. And with at least five major beer events, Asheville keeps the party going all year round with its own Oktoberfest, Beer Week and Winter Warmer, Best Firkin, Beer City and Brewgrass Festivals.”

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With almost 50 beers from local breweries, Asheville is a tasty place to visit. Make your stay in Asheville a responsible one and book a night or two at an Asheville member of North Carolina Bed & Breakfast and Inns. Click here to start your search!