Bed and Breakfast Hostels in North Carolina

You want to know the best bed and breakfast hostels in North Carolina; take a few moments to read this post where we offer you everything you need to know about them, to find the one that fits your needs without sacrificing your budget; seize it.

What is a bed and breakfast hostel?

These are accommodations within which a dining room service is offered; where in turn with the payment of your room, breakfast is included, which is usually prepared by the owners themselves and where they also usually live.

This type of lodging plays a fundamental role in the tourist economy; It allows the owners of the hostel to have a means of support, interacting in turn with people from different parts of the world, offering them a pleasant family treatment and allowing them to have bed and food at a lower price than that available in different hotels in their locality. .

North Carolina Hostels

North Carolina is a city that has mild winters, with long periods of spring and autumn; where you can enjoy warm summers.

It is profitable for business, thanks to the fact that electricity is cheap, construction costs are lower than other places in the United States and their salaries are really competitive, which has given rise to the appearance of different alternatives for bed and breakfast hostels. .

Renting, for example, an apartment in North Carolina that is 85 m2 in any normal area of ​​the city, fully furnished, costs approximately $1,598 and if you add electricity and water costs to this, not including food, it would be another $224; which is drastically reduced when you stay in a hostel that in turn covers all these costs with the price of the room and additionally they give you free breakfast.

Some of the hostels available in North Carolina are, for example, MicKinley Edwards Inn, Chimney Rock Manor, Taylor House Inn, The Store, Broad River Inn, Little Main Street Inn and Cedar Crest, among the most luxurious and prominent in the area; all of them with high ratings from their customers.

If you are looking for cheap, they are also available, such as the Red Roof Inn Lenoir, The Ashe Farm, Black Mountain Inn, Orchard Inn, Hunter House Madison, The Holly and Ivy Inn among many others. In which you will find amenities such as suites with TV and Wi-Fi.


Finding bed and breakfast hostels in North Carolina is very easy, even as you move throughout the city, you will see signs indicating available hostels nearby or you can reach them by referring locals.

In addition, the price of the hostels is one of the benefits to stay in them, not to mention the familiar and friendly atmosphere provided by their owners, when they reside in the place.

There you can have your own room, many of them even have a bathroom and if it is allowed you can share it with any companion, which will further reduce its cost.

On the other hand, by including breakfast, you will be guaranteed a good diet to start the day and you only have to make the other meals of the day on your own; although some hostels include plans if you are interested in having lunch and dinner as well.

Hostels are the best option if you travel alone since it is a place where you will meet people who can guide you on how to move safely around the city and where they will be attentive in case you do not get to sleep, knowing your routine,

Well, they will notice that it is a warning signal unless you previously notify them of this circumstance.

It is not that the hostel curtails your freedom or independence, but rather see it as a place where you will make friends, you will have a temporary family that will worry that everything goes well for you.

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